New Ballerino (Chertsey) Limited
Complaints Handling Procedure


The Designated Complaints Handler for New Ballerino is Steven New, Managing Director of the company. All valid complaints should be made in writing for the attention of the Complaints Handler. A valid complaint is one to whom New Ballerino owe a duty of care.

If a complaint is made verbally, Steven New will request that the complaint be made in writing, marked for his attention. This is to ensure that New Ballerino fully understand the nature of the complaint and have a record of it.

Once a complaint has been received, an acknowledgment letter will be sent within 7 days from Steven New acknowledging receipt of the complaint and advising that a written response will be sent to the complainant dealing with the issues raised within 28 days of the complaint being received.

Details of all complaints made and the outcome of the complaint will be listed in the Complaints log which is held in the Chertsey office. New Ballerino will endeavour to resolve the complaint within 28 days and the matter will be concluded.

In the event that the complainant is not happy with the review of the complaint, New Ballerino will inform the complainant that our Complaints Handling Procedure has been exhausted and the matter will be referred to an independent dispute resolution service which will be the Surveyors Ombudsmen Services.


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